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Delta Airlines Back in Amarillo

Michael Anastas, Delta Airlines Michael Anastas, Delta Airlines

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Travelers hoping to fly out of Amarillo will now have more options... The first Delta Airlines flight took off from Rick Husband International Airport on Thursday. 

Hundreds of people are expected to wait in line at the Delta check-in counter everyday from here on out... There are three direct flights from here to Memphis, Delta's main hub. 

Those flights are creating what the Chamber of Commerce is calling a gateway to the East Coast like Amarillo has never seen.

They're hoping that gateway will pave the way for increased tourism... Meaning more business for attractions, hotels and restaurants. They're also hoping it will provide an easy way for local businesses to grow.

On top of that, dozens of new jobs will be created right here at home.

Delta's Michael Anastas says, "Full time people, part time people. Depends on what the schedule is."

Rick Husband's Scott Carr says, "they'll be the ones processing the passengers when they check in, handling the bags, making sure the flights get in and out on time."

It's been five years since Delta flights left from the Amarillo airport... Airline executives told us today they hope to expand direct flights beyond Memphis, to places like Salt Lake City, Chicago and Minneapolis in the near future.

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