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Amarillo Dog Attack Increase

By: Maxine Ridling
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Dogs running loose in Amarillo neighborhoods are attacking more than ever. The attack on a woman on Sunday by 3 pit bulls has many people concerned about their family's safety.

Animal Control says it's a daily problem on Tuesday there were 9 reported dog bites in our area. Even though no has severely been injured since this weekend Assistant Director of Animal Control Shannon Barlow said, "We're seeing a lot of injury and death to peoples pets because they become entangled with each other and aggression. Ya know, the big dog hurts or kills the smaller dog so it's very important people keep their animals on a leash.

Barlow says they receive calls of unrestrained dogs biting other animals all the time and she says it's not just one but many breeds that are doing it. If you happen to see any loose dogs in your area call animal control right away 806-378-3092 .

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