Local Shelters Packed, Leaving Animals With Few Options

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - What is usually the busiest time of the year has turned into the slowest.

We previously told you the local humane society had to euthanize 11,000 animals last year. The director says this year, the facility is on track to surpass last year.

Most animals here are healthy and happy.  But so far this summer, not many people have come to see them.

Director Andrea Soliz says, "we're not getting the high traffic we're used to getting."

Soliz says they take in 50 to 100 dogs every day at this facility. That, combined with the empty walkways make for a deadly combination.

That is because after a maximum of eight days, animals like Butch the black lab and Sundance, a tri-colored basset hound, or a litter of black lab puppies, will be euthanized.

Soliz sometimes can have no kill shelters take in animals, but not this summer because "everyone's full. People are not adopting right now so when they're not adopting, you're not moving animals. There are no kills here in amarillo. Usually i can filter some out but I've not been able to because they're full too."

Meaning more animals could end up with nowhere to go.

Soliz says the best solution to this problem is spaying and neutering your pet.  She says not enough owners are doing it, and it is creating a huge stray problem.

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