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Bovina Kindergartners Forced To Clean Feces In School Bathroom

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

BOVINA, TEXAS - Parents in Bovina say they want more than an apology from the kindergarten teacher who made their children clean feces in the school bathroom.  Although the incident made them angry, the school's response made them angrier.

One woman could hardly believe what her daughter told her....that she and her five year old classmates had to clean a mess of feces off the bathroom wall and floor a few weeks before school was let out for the summer.

The mom, who does not want her identity revealed, says "they each took a turn cleaning a spot, took the glove off, and then the next girl used the same glove."

She immediately called the other mothers with children in the class.  All the stories matched.

One woman's little girl said, "mom it's gross, that was gross. It's not our fault."

Another mother says, "that's disgusting for my kid to be cleaning a dirty bathroom."

What's more, they say the principal did not want to do anything about it.

A mother says, "she blew me off. She was really busy that day."

The teacher involved wrote a letter of apology to the parents of each little girl involved, saying she "truly apologizes" and "would never want to harm" their children.  But the letter does not give a reason for the incident, and these moms say a letter is not going to cut it.

One says, "I don't think it's good enough....a little bit of punishment would have been satisfaction for me."

Another says, "she shouldn't teach because there are other kids coming up to kindergarten."

We tried to speak with the school principal, but she refused to talk with us on the record.

The Bovina Public Schools superintendent told us, though, the teacher still has a job and believes this will never happen again.

According to the Texas Education Agency, this teacher has no prior complaints against her.

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