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Dumas Illegal Tattooing

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Dumas, TX - A spike in illegal tattoo cases in Dumas is leaving some people with more than they bargained for from their body art work.

We brought you a story four years ago dealing with a crack down on illegal tattooing in Dumas. Today police there say these types of cases are starting to spike again.

"The most recent case I'm working on the guy was full blown giving tattoos in his home and to me it's pretty common around here," says Sgt. Jesse Bitela.

Earlier in the week this homemade tattoo gun put together from a pen and guitar wire was seized from a Dumas home.

Police are questioning the individual they believe is involved and say it's a subject that must be taken seriously. Because some of the possible infections from dirty tattoo needles such as mrsa are contagious.

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