Gas line explosion kills 2

Darrouzett, TX - Two people are dead and three others hurt after a gas line explosion, along the Texas-Oklahoma border three miles north of Darrouzett.

Workers digging near a gas pipeline sparked the explosion, the second deadly gas line explosion in Texas in as many days.

Crews on the scene say they shut off the gas from both ends, but now they have to wait for it to empty from the hole in the pipe.

Officials say around 4pm construction crews were up at remote farmland digging up caliche, that's the material used to resurface roads.

Investigators say they probably hit a pipe line causing an explosion and flames that could be seen three miles away in town.

Crews arrived within 5 minutes, but it was too late for two people who died at the scene. Crews will work through the night to continue to investigate what happened.

We were also told by the mayor that those injured were not from here, but instead, out of Clarendon.