Thornberry Listens To Local Industry Concerns

Congressman Mac Thornberry
Congressman Mac Thornberry
Jason Herrick, President of Pantera Energy Company
Jason Herrick, President of Pantera Energy Company

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Local petroleum engineers are concerned the gulf oil spill disaster could spell disaster for their own businesses.

Local representative Mac Thornberry had lunch with the Society of Petroleum Engineers Friday.

Their main concern?  A rush to judgment by congress.

As the world gets a real life picture of the impact of the oil spill this week, local oil industry insiders worry those images could prompt an emotional response out of Congress.

Jason Herrick, President of Pantera Energy Company, says "the problem is a worry that congress will act too fast and in that process destroy domestic production across the U.S."

The president has a number of oil proposals before him, including one that takes away financial incentives and could turn investors away.

Local oil company executives say it would force them to stop new drilling and ndustry insiders say if the proposal succeeds, it would be the end of local oil companies.

As Representative Thornberry listened to these concerns today, he agreed, and has his own concerns mainly dealing with the climate bill currently stalled in the Senate.

He says, "I'm afraid this oil spill will be used as an excuse to resurrect it."

Before the spill, Thornberry did not think the bill stood a chance in passing the Senate.  Today, things are different.