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New Move to Help Stop Poverty

AISD Guidance and Counseling Director Paula Ward AISD Guidance and Counseling Director Paula Ward

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - The poverty problem in Amarillo is growing rapidly... And now one local organization says they have a new way to solve it.

NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos has more on Panhandle 20/20's new approach. The group says its 2010 initiative is to end, or at the very least, drastically decrease, poverty in our neighborhoods.

They plan to focus on three main areas... Education, family stability and access to basic needs.

AISD Guidance and Counseling Director Paula Ward says, "Students that live in their cars. That live in motels sometimes doubled up. One bedroom could house 5 or 6 families. They don't have enough food. They're hungry. They don't have the proper clothing. They don't have running water so they're dirty. They don't have their school supplies. A lot of them don't get a lot of sleep because there's so many people in the family and they don't have a bed."

While there are dozens of agencies working to help separate factors that lead to the poverty problem, they've never worked together... Until now.

Panhandle 20/20 plans to connect them all, so they can reduce duplicated services and increase efficiency for those who need the help. 

They'll host a conference this fall for impoverished people so they can learn how to get that help.

They will also be taking residents on bus rides through the poorest parts of Amarillo, so they can see first hand that poverty really does exist.

If you would like to help their efforts, log onto

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