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Health Warning

PAMPA, TEXAS - A summer health warning tonight - particularly for parents.

West Nile Virus has been all over the news the past few years- from doctors warnings to survivors of the illness. But a more common danger that's not widely talked is lurking out there with every bug bite.

It doesn't come from the insect itself, but rather when someone scratches the bite - introducing bacteria directly into the body. That's what puts kids so at risk for staph infections- because holding off from scratching is hard for even adults to do.

The biggest issue is the number of infections resistant to traditional medications is on the rise. Today about half reported to area doctors are not treatable by regular strength prescriptions.

Here's what professionals recommend you do to stay healthily. Like always, wash your hands - but beyond the obvious, put an antibiotic formula like this on all of your kids bites - especially formulas that say they reduce itch. And if the bite starts turning red and spreading, see a doctor immediately about getting special staph medications.

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