Triple Digit Heat... A Life or Death Situation

by: Kristen Guilfoos
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, Texas - Thousands in our area are facing a life or death situation... This comes as we anticipate triple digit heat that could quickly become dangerous for those without enough money to cool their homes.

Phyllis Cook with Panhandle Community Services says, "especially the elderly. Many of them won't turn on the air conditioning, if they even have it. And that can lead to extreme illness or worse. Bad bad things could happen."

Community Services is seeing a huge surge in people asking for help to buy air conditioners and fans... So many they've already been forced to spend the three million dollars in aid money that was supposed to last them all year.

Cook adds, "it's gonna be really bad. It's going to be really hard to turn these people away. It breaks my heart that we won't have enough money so we're gonna look for funds in every place possible."

They're hoping to get some emergency funds from the state later this summer.

They're also hoping the public will step up and help.

You can donate money to Panhandle Community Services at 1309 W. 8th in Amarillo.

The United Way also needs your help... They're collecting new and slightly used fans, along with money to buy more. You can take that to the Guyon Saunders Resource Center at 200 S. Tyler.