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Moore County and social services address refugee problems

Cactus, TX -- Moore County is having a tough time serving refugees who have relocated to Cactus.

The jail is overcrowded, fines are not getting paid and simple things like communication are a problem because of the language barrier.

"The burden is still there, the burden on indigency continues to climb we are gonna stay a float do everything we can there are no resources available to help with this burden we have to step up to the plate," Moore County Judge, Rowdy Rhoades said.

Rhoades says they are expecting more refugees to move to Moore county because of the JBS Swift plant.

Swift will be building 500 housing units, with permits and licenses already being filed with the city of Cactus.

Swift and Catholic Family Services are holding refugee information meetings to help them with everyday living practices,which is important since 45 percent of Cactus's population are refugee's.

Currently there are 26 different dialects at the JBS Swift Meat Packing Plant in Cactus.

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