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Copper Wire Bust

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A truck load of copper wire is believed to be stolen. But according to law, the suspect can not be arrested. Cases of copper theft are common here in the Amarillo area. But justice is rarely served because finding the suspect is nearly impossible.

However in the most recent case there is a suspect. But this time, it's the copper's owner police are looking for.

A Potter County Sheriff's deputy recently arrested a man for having narcotics inside his truck.

And when he looked in the back, what he found is believed to be one of the biggest loads of stolen copper Lt. John Coffee says anyone here has seen in a long time.

"We weren't able to charge the male suspect with any theft. He was only charged with narcotics and he is currently out on bond."

He is free because unlike most copper theft cases there is nobody claiming the copper. So there is no way to tell if it is stolen.

"It's very difficult with copper wire because once they've removed it or burned it, it's hard to tell where it came from," Coffee says.

But if you have any information,  The Potter County Sheriff's Department wants to hear from you. So they can bring justice to this particular case.

"We've also upped our security systems," Pastor Mark Rector says after losing thousands from a copper theft last year.

He says, "It will automatically send a signal to the company and they will notify the police department."

Pastor Mark says there have been no problems since he beefed up security. And he also said he can now sleep a little bit easier.

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