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Lake Meredith Memorial Day Safety Alerts

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Lake Meredith - The hot sunny weather we're expecting for the weekend will keep park rangers very busy making sure people stay safe at Lake Meredith over Memorial Day. 

They're expecting upwards of five thousand people out at the lake this weekend... And judging by the number of campers and boats we saw out there on Thursday, many of them are already there.

The park ranger we spoke with today says warm weather and alcohol are never a good combination... And he expects to put a lot of what he calls silver bracelets on people who don't cooperate. Law enforcement will be out there in full force.

Paul Jones says, "Shifts are longer. The guys will be working overtime out here, so I'll have a full staff around the clock. The Texas parks and wildlife association will be out here also. The state and local guys. DPS could be out here. And the Hutchinson County guys might be out here as well."

Aside from out of control drunken rowdiness, they're also concerned about low lake levels, which are now at 46 feet... Just inches from the all time low.

Most of the sand bars are visible, but there are some rocks and other hazards right beneath the surface that could do major damage to boats. 

All hazards more than 80 feet off shore will be marked, so look out for them while you're out there cruising the waterway.

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