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Testing Fire Proof Paint

AMARILLO, TEXAS - There's a potential to protect propriety and even save lives - if a new product works as claimed.

Retailing anywhere from 50 to 200 dollars per gallon - "Fire Proof Paint" from onecoatfireproofpaint.com promises big results, but some are worried it will just lead to a false sense of security.

It's supposed cutting edge technology creates a fire-proof char barrier when heat hits it. According to it's manufacturer that can resist flames for up to two hours.

We wanted to put those claims to the test.

"We couldn't get it to burn," Amarillo Fire Department Caption Bob Johnson said.

And after the test was over, the char washed right off with almost no damage.

"Did it look like it protected the wood, yeah in this situation it did, but the practical application, I don't know," Johnson said.

The captain is concerned that in most fires it's not the house structure itself (hammer) but the contents burning causing the majority of damage - meaning the paint can't protect against everything.

"It might give them a false sense of security that hey I'm really fire safe, now I don't have to worry about things, worry about candles and space heaters and things like that," he said.

The captain does think this might helpful in protecting against wildfires where flames could hit wood siding directly.

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