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Tornado Sirens... What You Need to Know

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - With another round of severe storms in store for this evening, the City of Amarillo expects to set off the sirens once again.

But, not everyone will hear them.

There are 85 tornado sirens across Potter and Randall counties. You can hear the big ones from about a mile away and the smallest ones for about a third of a mile. 

Most of both counties are covered, but there are several spots that could remain silent... Particularly the rural areas where the houses are really far apart.

As for why, the answer is a simple one... They cost $25,000 a piece and there just isn't enough money in the budget to put them where they'll only be heard by a few people.

Potter County Judge Arthur Ware says, "Out in the county, there are people who live farther away and they can just barely hear them and they say I need a siren out here. Well the siren is not gonna save your life. All that's gonna do is make noise and at least alert you. But by the time that siren is coming on, you should have prepared before that thing went off."

The best thing to do is watch NewsChannel 10 for the most comprehensive weather coverage.

But, if you're sleeping, ware says the next best thing is to have a weather radio, which will wake you up with severe weather alerts.

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