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Medical Examiner Fired After Complaints

Paul Shrode Paul Shrode

AMARILLO, TEXAS - After Paul Shrode worked for years on the High Plains as a medical examiner he took a promotion in El Paso. But on Monday, that county commission considered firing him after bad press.

A West Texas lawyer got Shrode to admit on the stand three years ago that he lied on his resume and in testimony.

Since then, the complaints keep coming. From a government watch dog who filed one saying Shrode has lied about other qualifications and licenses. Then a grieving widow who claims the doctor picked the wrong race for her husband and listed his appendix as missing when it had never been removed. To last week, when an Ohio parole board recommended a death row inmate go free because Shrode's testimony was "not scientifically supported."

After months of silence, Shrode finally took the mic to defend himself at Monday's meeting.

"I don't have a comment. I have nothing else to say," Shrode said.

After that brief statement El Paso County voted three to one to fire Shrode.

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