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Iron Soldiers

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Canyon, TX -  More than 4,000 American soldiers have made the ultimate sacrifice in Iraq. And one group of bikers from Childress is making sure they are all remembered for being far more than a number.

They call themselves the Iron Soldiers. Their mission is to make sure the families of fallen soldiers always have a solid group of support. 

Regardless of where the family of a fallen soldier lives in the panhandle, they will get on their bikes and ride there. "We're out of Childress Texas, we rode 2 and half hours to honor this family. The family of Brandon Meyer. He was killed in Iraq in action," founder of the group Archie Sharp says.

January 28th, 2008 was only Specialist Meyer's 110th day in the Army. It would also be his last.

"There were four humvees behind Brandon, he was in the lead humvee. And the explosion literally stopped them in their tracks. And 5 guys died instantly," his mother Genia said.

After the explosion the rest of Brandon's unit did everything they could to make sure his family could get to see him one last time. "Everyone else formed a circle around their humvee to fight to be able to bring their bodies home to us."

The rest of the unit protected the humvee carrying 5 deceased American soldiers for over four hours, allowing Genia and her husband Terry the to bury their son at home.

The Meyer's were presented with a plaque today commemorating Brandon's life and service to his country. Something the Iron Soldiers are doing for the family of every fallen soldier in the panhandle.

Brandon's mother says, "It's just good to hear on occasion that someone else cares that my son died.... Because I do.

All the work the Iron Soldiers do wouldn't be possible without donations from local people looking to help. If you are interested in becoming part of this effort log on to their web site at


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