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AC Nursing, Wind Energy Programs Spared From Spending Cuts

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - A promise to the community by Amarillo College is one reason the president says certain areas will not suffer budget cuts.

Two big programs here at AC graduate hundreds of people so they can go to work in the medical and energy fields.

So that is why when Governor Rick Perry asked all state agencies to trim their budgets, the Amarillo College president said the nursing program here would be spared of any reduction in funding.

Dr. Paul Matney says, "we have promised to the community we would increase the number of nursing graduates. That is a growing program. We have 15 allied nursing programs and we have got to make sure we do not cut those programs so crucial to the community."

Right now about 800 people are enrolled in the nursing program here.

Another program which was not an option for a spending cut is the wind energy program.

Dr. Matney says, "we had 300 people sign up immediately. We know that is going to be an industry that's very important so it wouldn't make sense to go in and cut that program."

AC is looking to add a solar energy program in the future.

As far as areas where spending would be scaled back: travel, equipment purchases, salaries and contingencies.

They are not planning to cut anyone's salary, but dr. Matney says a certain position may stay vacant a little longer than usual to save some money.

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