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Death Row Inmate Could Go Free

AMARILLO, TEXAS - A death row inmate could walk free after allegations that an area medical examiner gave trial testimony which had no scientific basis.

Richard Nields is supposed to be executed next month for the 1997 murder of his girlfriend. But the Ohio Parole Board says nields should be spared because of bad testimony from Paul Shrode. Before Shrode came to work in our area he served as Ohio's expert witness - but now the board writes, "The conclusions that Dr. Shrode testified to at trial were not scientifically supported."

A former supervisor of the doctor has reviewed Shrode's testimony and found five key inaccuracies that would merit overturning the death sentence.

This isn't the first problem found with Shorde's work. Four months ago a government watch dog filed this complaint with the texas medical board claiming Shrode lied about his licenses and former jobs.  And three months ago a grieving widow filed yet another complaint that Shrode may not know what he's doing. She says he identified her husband as the wrong race and listed his appendix as missing when the husband had never had it removed.

The complaint by the widow has been dismissed because of technicalities, but the other one is still under investigation. And a decision by the governor about the death row inmate is expected later this week.

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