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Destructive, Hungry and Swarming Like Crazy

Todd Stubbs Todd Stubbs
Michael Dougan Michael Dougan

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - The wet weather we've seen recently is putting us on track to have one of the worst years for termites in nearly a decade.

NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos has more on the bugs that could destroy your home. Termites cause around $750-million worth of damage to American homes every year...

Everything from eating through door frames, to attacking baseboards to devouring entire walls. Pest controllers we spoke with today say get ready for a rough next couple of weeks... And for that, you can thank mother nature.

Todd Stubbs says, "What the termites have to have to survive is moisture and we've had a lot of snow pack. That provides a lot of sub moisture so they thrive on that."

Michael Dougan adds, "The spring rains, early summer rains coming in, what that does is it soaks down into the colonies and collapses those mud tunnels where they live so the swarmers are coming out now." 

There are a few ways to tell if you have a termite problem. The first is if there are soft spots on your walls... So soft that if you touch it your hands goes right through. 

You should also be on the lookout for what are called mud tunnels... They look like caulking around walls and ceilings, only they're brown and about the size of a pencil.

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