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Road Safety Budget Crisis

TxDOT spokesman Paul Braun TxDOT spokesman Paul Braun

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Umbarger, TX - The Texas Department of Transportation is working to fill major holes in the roads and in its budget.

Money is hard to come by for many agencies across our area these days. Especially for TxDOT, who says they need more cash to keep our roadways safe for driving.

Our local TxDOT spent more than 2 million dollars this winter in snow removal alone. And now that Spring is upon us, that expense still lingers.

"We are in a budget crunch and so what we have to do is find ways to offset that budget crunch," TxDOT spokesman Paul Braun said.

Because the large amounts of moisture we've seen this year are causing problems with the roads.

"If you can get those cracks stopped before they start and get it to pumping. That's when the big chunks start coming out. And that's when you really have trouble," says Stan Cranmer the Road Superintendent for Randall County.

"We need to be able to find some money to be able to fix the potholes that are generally all over the area," Braun says.

To account for those budget shortfalls TxDOT will close this picnic area in June. And they have plans to close another 40 or so around the Panhandle soon after that.

Braun says, "We can save around $9,000 a year per picnic area that we close."

And if that number holds true and TxDOT closes all the picnic areas they want to. It adds up to a savings of more than $400,000 a year.

those savings along with a quarter million dollars given to our roads from the federal government this spring, can cut the bill from snow removal in half.

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