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Thousands of Disabled Could Be Homeless Soon

GUYMON, OKLAHOMA - Almost three thousand developmentally disabled Oklahomans could soon be homeless -- including a sizeable number in the panhandle.

At the panhandle area sheltered workshop in guymon, they help about 25 people with developmental disabilities find jobs. But the program is facing being cut completely. State law makers sent them a letter this month saying groups helping this population could be the latest casualty in coping with an almost 900 million dollar budget shortfall.

These proposed cuts don't just translate to lost jobs. it also means that people could loose their assisted living.

The program's executive director says many of the people here have no other place to go and would likely end up living on the streets.

Agencies all across the state say they are not going to go down without a fight. Most employees at PASW are willing to take big pay cuts - anything to keep this group from being turned loose on their own.

These cuts aren't final yet, a budget committee will meet on May 28 for a vote. But the agency says state leaders have basically told them to start packing up because something has to be sacrificed.

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