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Heart Health and Video Games

Charlene Cole Charlene Cole

Ryan Cody
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Amarillo, TX - The Nintendo Wii is going places some people thought a video game system could never dream of. There is no credible evidence saying the Wii helps to promote a healthy heart. But don't tell that to one local senior we spoke with today.

Charlene Cole says exercising to stay healthy is a large part of her daily life. "I do line dancing two days a week. I walk almost every morning. And I'm in an exercise class."

But when she bowled on the Wii for the first time she said it made her sore the next day.

The American Heart Association just recently put their seal on the Wii saying it is a good way stimulate the heart and promote a healthy lifestyle. Cole isn't surprised by their endorsement.

"It makes me feel better inside. I like the action."

And though the American Heart Association has put their stamp of approval on the Wii, experts say it's a good idea to supplement it with other exercises.

"The Wii is something good to start with or add in to a workout program, but you also want to make sure to have a variety of other exercises in the program as well," personal Trainer Brennan Phelan says.

She believes the Wii doesn't get your heart rate up enough to stay healthy. "Especially people who are concerned about their heart health. They want to be doing a good cardiovascular exercise where they are getting their heart rate up."

Which is something Cole agree's with. "I would use it in conjunction with other things."

As part of the endorsement, The American Heart Association will be receiving 1.5 million dollars from Nintendo to do research on heart health.

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