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Carson County: Out With the Old, In With the New

Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry Carson County Sheriff Tam Terry

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Panhandle, Texas - Too many prisoners and too little space... It's a problem Carson County has been facing for decades, and now a solution is finally in the works. 

NewsChannel 10's Kristen Guilfoos joins us now live in the studio with more on plans for a new jail.

The current jail was built in 1952... And hasn't seen a single update since. Sheriff Tam Terry says a new jail is long overdue... and now that Carson County residents approved a 7.4 million dollar bond, it's finally happening.

The small facility is in such bad shape that it's in danger of being shut down because it doesn't meet modern standards. Right now, there isn't enough space for all the prisoners, so the county spends thousands of dollars a week to house them in Childress County.

Terry says, "We probably averaging three trips a week, but we've done two a day. The others side of the coin, if they were to close the jail, we could make 5 a day. Because you arrest somebody, you put them in jail in Childress. You gotta get them within 24 hours, get them in front of a judge, arraign them, take them back to Childress, if they make bond you gotta go get them to bond then bring them back here which would be a nightmare." 

Construction on the new jail is set to start sometime this summer and be finished by next summer.

Carson County residents will see a tax increase... Early estimates show somewhere in the ballpark of 6 or 7 cents on every $100.

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