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Hog Wild

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX -  The majority of local producers are almost fully planted with their Spring crops. But now that they're in the ground, wild hogs are rooting them out, and growing stronger by the day.

With adequate food, hogs can begin reproducing as early as six months of age. Which is partially why their population has been growing exponentially in Texas.

"They compete for food and compete for space. They're really aggressive animals. They don't fit in well with the native animal life or the native plant life," says extension wildlife specialist Ken Cearley.

But they sure do love the crops that grow here in the Texas Panhandle. "As a biologist and former rancher I see the damage that they can and do," Cearley says.

And the problem is so severe that experts say feral hogs cause more than 50 million dollars in crop damage across the state of Texas every year. "They're destructive animals, they're digging up crops, destroying property." Randy Ferris is the park a superintendent at Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

He says farmers and ranchers along the canyon's rim may deal with their destruction more than others in the area. "The bottom of the canyon just happens to be where the water is. So that's where they stay most of the time."

Until experts say they get hungry. And travel to the top for our local producer's crops. Even though licensed hunters can hunt feral hogs all year round, they continue to cause damage to our massive farming industry.

However a new study shows just a 28 inch tall fence can deter the hogs from entering your land.

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