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Hard to Prosecute

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Despite the fact that it's a felony in Texas - stalking cases rarely result in jail time - as victim advocates at Family Support Services in Amarillo see everyday.

"We haven't had many that were prosecuted," one advocate says.

It's not because the prosecutors aren't doing good enough. The law itself is very complicated and hard to prove. One of the nation's leading experts on the subject says only one in about a thousand stalking cases nationwide actually have enough proper evidence to end in a conviction.

She says stalking is a relatively new and very personal crime, carried out in ways unique to each victim - making it tough for juries to know what is and is not against the law.

But back at Family Support Services in Amarillo, they have a way to help the process.  If victims use their stalking log to document each time something happens, then chances of a guilty verdict skyrocket.

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