29 Out of 30 Cats Die

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Animal adoptions are starting to slowly pick back up now that the economy is doing better, but one creature is still being overlooked, so the Humane Society is trying something new.

When most people head into the human society, they make a b-line straight for the puppies. But the same can't be said for the cat room, only about one in 30 of the cats will ever get adopted.

The shelter says the main problem is that cats are easy to get for free, from ads in the paper to people outside of walmart. So to be a little more competitive, the human society is offering a new lower cost adoption fee of 65 dollars down from about 90 elsewhere. That pays the first set of shots, to spay and neuter and a micro-chip.

Several local vets are pitching in so the organization can afford being able to offer the reduced fee. They hope it will make a difference. Because wether they're being adopted or not, 20 to 50 new cats come in every day.