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Day Care Owner Arrested at Work

BORGER, TEXAS - An agency that's supposed to protect children is coming under fire after the arrest of a Borger day care owner at work.

For the first time in at least 20 years, Family and Protective Services issued an emergency order today to shut down an area day care, but at least two parents are considering taking legal action, saying more should have been done earlier to keep their child safe.

Investigators rushed to imagine day school on Friday after a tip that employees were doing drugs at work. After several hours, police reportedly found methamphetamine and arrested the owner Brandi Michelle Prock on felony drug charges.

The fire marshal Jerry Langwell also reportedly discovered several serious code violations -- so many in fact, he says he wouldn't feel comfortable taking his own four kids there.

"It's not safe for the occupants and defiantly not safe for the children that go there," Langwell said.

Two parents who didn't want to be identified out of fear wonder how the day care was allowed to stay open until now when it's not their first time in trouble. Although Imagine has been open less than a year, this web site documents 48 safety violations at the school - most of which fall into the medium to high risk category, including, failure to disclose staff's previous criminal convictions and two counts of not doing background checks on employees and volunteers.

"I would definitely say that they were having worst compliance then would be average for a new day care," Family and Protective Services Spokesman Greg Cunningham said.

But the agency spokesman says they never had grounds to shut them down until now, especially with a day care shortage - there is only one other professional child care center in Borger.

"Obviously safety is our primary concern, but we'd much rather be able to work with the day care and help them correct the problems," He said.

But the parents aren't buying it, they expect to see a lawyer about the issue by the end of the week.

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