Panhandle Mourning

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Panhandle, TX - The coffin carrying Sergeant Esau Gonzalez of Panhandle was met just before two this afternoon in a private hangar at the Rick Husband International Airport.

From there the Gonzalez family and a lengthy processional drove east on highway 60 in to Panhandle.

Being met along the way by supporters carrying flags as well as the entire student body of Highland Park ISD. After Gonzalez was brought in to a local funeral home, some who knew him well shared their feelings.

"Shocked, not from Panhandle, Nobody from here. It's hard to imagine. You here about people going oversea's and coming back, but this isn't how they are supposed to come home," says former classmate Bonnie Bird.

The funeral for Sergeant Gonzalez is scheduled for Wednesday in Panhandle.