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Texas Homeowners Insurance

Amarillo, TX - The unpredictability of our current Spring time severe weather season is exactly why homeowners insurance rates are so high here in the panhandle. But many experts say it could be a lot worse. And for some areas in Texas, it is.

Anyone who lives in Texas probably wouldn't be surprised to know we have some of the most extreme severe weather. And because of the weather during these Spring months, we pay more than most for homeowners insurance throughout the entire year.

Amarillo may be in the same state as places like Houston and El Paso. But according to the insurance companies, we're far from the same region.

"The insurance companies take a look at all the different regions of the state. In-fact it's divided up in to 57 different regions. So the Amarillo area is off to itself," says Mark Hanna of the Insurance Council of Texas.

That is because the weather in areas like Houston does far different damage than the weather here. Christine Krause of the National Weather Service says, "Pretty deadly tornados. Not that they don't down there but we tend to see large storms here. You know large hail and damaging winds and everything where as they tend to see more of a hurricane influence."

Experts say hurricane regions on average receive the most overall damage for their severe weather. "Their always going to pay more for wind storm coverage on their homeowners insurance than you are up here in the Texas panhandle," Hanna says.

But we still pay a lot. And there are some things you can do to bring those premiums down. "You could put a metal roof on you house and that way you don't have to worry about the next hail storm and feel protected."

Hanna says insurance companies look at things like that when deciding how much of a risk your house is for damage.

Another thing to consider is shopping around. Experts say it's never smart to just assume your paying a good premium, because there are hundreds of insurance companies out there who will fight for your business.

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

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