Home Insurance Rates

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - Tornados, hail, rain and wind are all factors in why you pay so much for your home owners insurance.

Insurance companies divide most states up in to two or maybe even three different regions for homeowner insurance rates.

But the diversity of weather here in Texas has the Lone Star State broken up in to 57 of those regions.

And simply put, the reason for that is to prevent us in the Panhandle from paying increased rates for hurricanes, when they only hit the gulf coast.

We have our own set of weather related problems here.

And though the insurance premiums on our homes are higher than many places in the country.

They can't compare to south Texas.

Obviously you have tornados but they are few and far between and compared to a hurricane they do minimal damage. So anyone living along the Texas coast. It's a whole nother situation and they're always going to pay a lot more for wind storm coverage.

So the annoyance of consistent 30 mile per hour winds is better on the budget than the every now-and-then hurricane winds of the south.