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No Way to Win Top Lottery Prize

AMARILLO, TEXAS - More Texans than ever before are playing scratch-offs hoping to win big.

Under normal circumstances, it's already tough. But it's even harder when all the top prizes have already been given away.

Look beneath the surface and you'll see that's the case with three games right now. For example blackjack showdown's $50,000 top prize, zero remain. Same with gold bar bonanza's $100,000 And casino royale's top $50,000 dollar prize is also gone. Even the second place five-thousand dollar prize - don't even think about it.

The texas lotto released their official policy to NewsChannel 10 about what happens when all the top prizes are gone. They send a message to retailers asking them to stop selling the game within 45 days. And they quote, "will make every effort to notify the public of game closing information" That mainly means posting it on their web site. They also put a warning right on the back of the card. it says "during closing, games may be sold even after all top prizes have been claimed."

These three games are in the process of being pulled-off shelves now, but other ones are running out of top prizes all the time. So the best thing to do is keep an eye on the lotto's web site - that's

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