Bushland Choir - NYC bombing plot

Bushland, TX -- Around 40 Bushland choir students had a very close call with the Times Square would-be bomber this week.

Choir students took a trip to New York City to see the sights and soak in the Big Apple.

20 minutes before the Times Square bomb was set to go off, Bushland students walked right passed the Pathfinder that was loaded with explosives.

"I am walking out and notice a car with flashing lights and I'm thinking good grief, New Yorkers can just park an abandoned car anywhere, just consciously I thought what a place to park a car, " said Bushland Choir Teacher Laura Lane.

The group heard screams. They stopped and turned to see emergency crews converging on the vehicle.

"I was really scared the look on peoples faces is what scared me the most, the screaming it's not something you want to experience," said student Payton Lowe.

New York Police told people they were taking precaution after finding a suspicious package.

"You know surely it not, I am from Texas..what would I be doing here with a big international bomb, " said Lane.

The falcon choir didn't realize until the next morning what could have happened to them.

Bushland High School students and families are glad to be back home safe and sound and are glad their New York adventure didn't turn out to be life changing.