Need a Concealed Handgun License? Now You Can Apply Online

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Starting in may, if you want to apply for a concealed handgun license or you want to renew one, you can skip the trip to DPS to pick up the paperwork... It can now be done with the click of a mouse.

The state hopes this new online program will shrink wait times... Under the old system, when you had to fill out paperwork, mail it in and wait for someone in Austin to enter it in the computer, it could be between five and six months before you got your license.

Now that's it's done mostly online, DPS says that wait time should be closer to two months. You'll still have to show up in person to give your fingerprints, but they'll be digital now, instead of ink and paper, which they say will be more efficient as well.

Trooper Gabriel Medrano says, "There's some kind of smudge or something like that and they have to send it back over to the person and then having to send it back again. If you do it like digitally. You know, you get it digitally scanned, it's accuracy is 98 percent that it will be accepted in Austin."

You'll still have to mail in some stuff... Citizenship documents, criminal history and a passport-size photo.