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Cutting Crime: NewsChannel 10 Investigation

By Ben Briscoe
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Once a major hot spot for crime near downtown, city leaders now boast they've cleaned up Ellwood Park for good. NewsChannel 10 investigates went back out to the park to check those claims.

Friday was the ribbon cutting of the re-purposed Ellwood Park for senior citizens.

This is really really great. what a great thing for this community," Mayor Debra McCartt said.

That statement seems to be true. The park was as different as day and night. The vagrants of the past were long gone and the only people around now were families out playing on the new equipment.

One mother says before she was scared to bring her kids here but now she feels safe - even after dark. That's thanks to the major upgrade for the park was a new lighting system.

Another safety improvement was the addition of this substation to give a police presence to the park. 

All the changes were years in the making and aren't going unnoticed -- as an 11-year-old puts it's best:

"Now that they fixed it, it's kinda more fun," Maria Rodriguez said.

There have been several efforts before to clean up the park, each time only lasting a few weeks. Bit leaders vow to make this time permanent.

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