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Exposure at Pantex

Sarah Ray Sarah Ray

Ryan Cody
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Amarillo, TX - A petition was drawn up four years ago by some past employees of Pantex and other chemical weapons plants. The petition asks for acknowledgement that deadly levels of radiation were present at Pantex for over 40 years.

Sarah Ray listened to her phone intently this morning to a conference call between experts on past radiation levels, at the Amarillo Pantex plant.

"The site profile is fine as far as today's conditions but there is no information that represents past practices," says former employee Sarah Ray.

She and other former chemical weapons plant workers developed an argument for why fast compensation is necessary for those who suffer from illness related to their time in the plant.

"We filed our petition in 2006 and it's taken us a very long time to get heard."

But a company in charge of researching those past radiation levels says there is no evidence of exposure at all. However, not according to one man who preferred to remain anonymous. "I got a notice that said I did have Chronic Beryllium Disease."

Which is a common disease only contracted through exposure to Beryllium. An element used in the production of nuclear weapons.

"They never did say that I was exposed to radiation but just today I found out that I have prostate cancer."

And he says because his family has no prior history of cancer. His time at Pantex is to blame for this morning's diagnosis.

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