Skinner Speaks Out - Exclusive

PAMPA, TEXAS - A convicted killer from Pampa is making a brand-new plea to save him from the execution chamber.

Hank Skinner's case has stalled in the US Supreme Court and he's desperate to have his named cleared.

All along the convicted triple murderer has said there was extra untested DNA evidence that could prove his innocence. Family members of the victims, defense lawyers and national experts have all asked repeatedly for this evidence to be tested. But so far, nothing has been done.

Now Skinner wrote a letter to District Attorney Lynn Switzer. He says if she'll test evidence, he'll agree to take a polygraph exam.

Skinner writes: "I've thought of all kinds of ways to honestly try to present this to you. what if I fail to say the one thing that could persuade you to do the right thing? ... Don't let me die for something I didn't do, please."

It's always been DA Switzer's policy to not comment on this case.

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