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River Road students caught in Nashville storm, forced to evacuate hotel

Nashville, TN - Highways are closed and weeks of cleanup are ahead for thousands of residents after devastating thunderstorms slammed Tennessee and northern Mississippi over the weekend.

Students from River Road were caught in the storm in Nashville and were forced to evacuate their hotel.

16 students and eight adults were attending a choir competition in Nashville.

The choir director tells us they watched the Cumberland river rise.

"We left the Hard Rock and went back to the Opryland Hotel and they told everybody to go up in the higher end of the hotel, because they were afraid the levee might be breached. And that wasn't high enough. They had to get us to McGavick High School. They evacuated about 1600 people out of the Opryland Hotel which is now flooded up to the 2nd floor," said River Road Choir Director Don Zidlicky.

All the kids and adults are safe and they say they'll return home on an alternate route since I-40 remains closed.

Fifteen groups were competing and River Road came in second.

The storms have caused a path of destruction across the south, killing at least fifteen people over the weekend.

The Cumberland River crested to a record level, not seen since the flood of 1960.

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