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Fire Station No. 11

Amarillo, TX - The city of Amarillo has grown over 70 square miles in the last half century. But in that time not a single new fire station has been built to serve the expanding community. That all changed today.

This morning city leaders and community members alike joined to officially open fire station number 11. "This is so important for the city of Amarillo. We have been waiting three years for this station to open and to meet the needs of the folks in this area of town," says Mayor Debra McCartt.

Before the new station any emergency in the Woodlands area of town was handled by station 8. "By sixth and Western it would take about 8 to 9 minutes," says Deputy Chief Monty Owens.

So we climbed in to Engine 11 with a stop watch and drove to the center of that neighborhood in one minute.

Meaning emergency personnel can now get there roughly seven minutes faster than before. "If the fuel and oxygen are not impeded, it can double it's size every two minutes," says Owens.

And when dealing with matters of life and death. Every second counts.

Ryan Cody

NewsChannel 10

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