Help the Horses

AMARILLO, TEXAS -  A local woman started the horse rescue shelter in 2003, but now she's looking at the real possibility of that dream coming to an end.

Terri Gammage's passion in life is to save horses The operation has helped over 100 animals beat the odds. But the propriety they were on is being re-purposed, and the shelter has no where to go - leaving the horses without help.

"If they can't find someone to take them, they will end up at an auction or euthanized or in slaughter houses," Gammage said. "The horses need help, and we need the people of Amarillo to step up and try to help us."

Terri's husband and partner at the shelter is holding out hope - after all Ron almost always wears a hat saying man of faith.

"I've seen god move some might big items out of our way I suspect that's what he wants. He'll do it again," Ron said.

What they need most now is for someone to give them a section of land. But they're also taking donations to help them buy one. If you would like to help, call Terri at 806-681-5161.