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Capsule Coming Soon Is An Alternative To Colonoscopy

Scharlene Morris Scharlene Morris
Dr. Amit Trehan Dr. Amit Trehan

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Some innovations in colon cancer screening may soon provide many patients with peace of mind.

One local doctor says the colonoscopy has been the gold standard for almost ten years.  But some new techniques may drop the procedure down to silver.

The last time Scharlene Morris had a colonoscopy was 35 years ago.  She says, "I took castor oil and all that kind of stuff."

Even with advances since then, today's procedure is not any more comforting.  She says, "I think most anybody would be nervous."

Dr. Amit Trehan at the Amarillo Endoscopy Center says it's "the thought process. The 'hey I'm going to have a colonoscopy."

But soon, patients like Scharlene may be able to just swallow a capsule instead.  It has a tiny camera on the end of it which takes thousands of pictures.

Dr. Trehan says it could make screening much more efficient because it "will save a lot of colonoscopies which are being done right now where we don't find a polyp. So the capsule, worth $450 to $500, you can see a polyp and then have a colonoscopy done to take the polyps out."

Another option hopefully coming soon is a blood test for polyps.

Right now, Dr. Trehan uses the capsule to look at the small intestine to screen for anemia and crohn's disease.

The capsule for colon cancer screening should be available here within a few years.

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