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Police Bust One of Largest ID Theft Rings in Amarillo

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - The investigation continues into one of the largest stolen ID busts in Amarillo.

Two people sit behind bars in Potter County after police tell us they found them with between 60 and 70 IDs belonging to other people.

31-year-old Kelly Martin and 35-year-old Avery Beasley were pulled over by officers for committing several minor traffic infractions, but it quickly turned into something more serious.

Amarillo Police's Cpl. Jerry Neufeld says "looking inside the car they're seeing numerous pairs of sunglasses, purses, movies and games that look like they may have been rented from a local store that are still inside the security packaging. So all of that we kind of find as a little unusual." 

Officers also found a box full of local drivers licenses, social security cards and credit cards.

A short time later, another box was discovered in the hotel room the pair were staying in... This one was filled with hundreds, if not thousands of rental agreements with drivers licenses attached. 

Police can connect the pair to at least 29 car burglaries... All the more reason, they say, to never leave anything valuable in your car because your identity could be stolen.

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