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Census Workers to Hit the Streets, Knock on Doors

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - Texas lags behind almost the entire nation when it comes to mailing back the 2010 census forms.

You've probably seen the census bureau PSAs saying they can't move forward until you mail it back. And with only 69% of Texans mailing it back, census workers say it's time to kick it into high gear.

Starting Monday, if you haven't mailed back your 2010 census, get ready for someone to come knocking. 

The US Census Bureau's Kayce Carter says, "They will leave a note card every time they physically go to your residence saying they were there and they'll provide a phone number for you to call in case there is a time that best for them to meet you at the house. They will approach up to, or try to reach a household up to seven times."

If you still don't answer after that seventh attempt, they'll go one step further. "They will go to a neighbor and have them fill out the questionnaire as best as they can."

President Obama is even speaking out about how important it is to answer the door. He says, "Determining your representation in congress, as well as how federal funds are spent. On schools, and roads, and where businesses decide to put new stores and factories."

If you have some concerns about opening your door to a stranger... Remember that it's probably a scam if they ask for personal information. Carter adds, "Social security is not asked. Credit card is not asked. Driver's license. Any kind of personal information is not asked."

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of the census worker at your door, you can call 800-563-6499 to make sure they're the real deal.

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