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Downtown Development Debate

Amarillo, TX - A battle is brewing over how to breathe new life into downtown Amarillo.

One local mortuary wants to expand it's business -- but some city leaders say no.

A to D Mortuary Services has been in business for almost 10 years. They want to expand to offer a crematory service as well - but the city planning and zoning commission denied the needed permit after comments from downtown development advocates.

Beth Duke of Center City says her board is worried about emissions that would come out of the crematory machine harming future residential developments already in the works.

"The odor and ash and smoke are what we're concerned with," she said.

A to D says there is nothing to worry about because the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has already issued this other permit for the machine. That was based on the agency's research showing the only thing emitted would be hot clean air.

The business owner plans to fight this decision. He'll ask the city commission to overrule and grant the permit they still need from Amarillo. That hearing should happen early next month.

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