Owens Corning Business Boom

Human Relations Leader Lisa Walker
Human Relations Leader Lisa Walker

Ryan Cody
NewsChannel 10

Amarillo, TX - A once-struggling Amarillo plant is now prospering thanks to another local industry. Its been almost two years since half of the employees at the Amarillo Owens Corning plant lost their jobs.

But now they all have the opportunity to work there again.All 270 workers who were laid off in 2008 have been asked to come back.

"Over the last few months we've been increasing our team members. Adding some more to the plant. Currently we are at about 490 employees today," says Human Relations Leader Lisa Walker.

Increased demand has allowed the plant to hire 20 new employees and that is on top of the 490 that were already working. Lisa walker has been working to hire those new employees over the last few days. She says the new demand comes from growing industries globally as well as in our own back yard.

"The increase is primarily driven from energy and infrastructure spending. And that includes markets such as wind and oil."

Fiberglass produced in the Amarillo plant is used to make the propellers for wind energy turbines. Representative for the company Kerry Desberg says "Owens corning is the largest supplier of glass fibers to the wind energy industry anywhere in the world. So when you see big wind turbines anywhere in the world chances are some of that glass is ours."

And so as wind energy becomes more popular all over the world. There will be more job opportunities for people here in the Amarillo area.

Plant officials say the most people to ever work in the building at a given time was around 550. And it may not be long before that number is reached again.