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EAS Message Mess Fixed For Severe Weather

Steve Drillette, National Weather Service Steve Drillette, National Weather Service
Tim Archer, Suddenlink System Director Tim Archer, Suddenlink System Director

By Megan Moore
NewsChannel 10

AMARILLO, TEXAS - Emergency alerts may blast through your TV sets no matter what show you are watching.

This is an issue that comes up every year: repetitive messages urging the public to watch local meteorologists.  But a lot of times, you just can't.

If you were watching TV Tuesday night, you probably heard a message informing you of a tornado warning.

Steve Drillette at the National Weather Service in Amarillo says, "it goes to all the different agencies - emergency management, media, and they can take that information and rebroadcast how they see fit."

Cable companies cover up all channels with the message.

But "it is not intended to be a sole source of information, just enough to get them to tune to that local channel," says Suddenlink System Director Tim Archer.

For Suddenlink digital customers on Tuesday, they could not get to local channels because of duplicate messages.  Archer says that was an equipment malfunction which has been fixed.

He says, "every time it was new, or the warning changed, that is intentional."

Which means every time a warning is updated, you will get this an emergency alert.

For basic cable customers, Suddenlink will run a crawl.  Archer says it is impossible to run a crawl on digital.

But if you want, you can unhook the digital box from your TV to stop the alerts.

A simpler solution is watch a TV in your home that does not have a box so you just see the crawl.

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