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Gang Graffiti.... Neighbors Say it Has to Go

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - You can think of it like the newspaper of the streets... Gang graffiti is the way gangs communicate... They mark their territory, let others know they're in the area and advertise to anyone passing by. 

But, the problem is that, more often than not, these gangs are choosing private property as the perfect place to send those messages.

We spoke with several homeowners in East Amarillo who say it's getting out of control.

Amarillo Police say if this happens to your home, there's no need to be afraid. Cpl. Steve Powers says, "They're not after you, per say. They're after a nice, big, what they call a street billboard. And when you leave it up, you just become an enabler and the kids understand that they're gonna get free publicity." 

Powers adds, when you clean it up, it lets the gang know that kind of thing will not be tolerated, so they'll move on to the next free billboard down the road.

Before you remove it though, you should take a picture of it, then call police so they can try to catch the spray painters.

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