Step-By-Step Foundation Repair

The first operation you will see will be the site preparation. Advanced workers will lay down plywood to protect your yard and then we will move any plants from the work area.

We will break through concrete, or any other paved surfaces, and hand dig access holes that are three to four feet deep. These holes are about the size of a common door mat.

Unless your job requires interior pilings, no access to the inside of your home will be required at this time.

The next operation begins with the driving of the pilings. It will be necessary for us to have access to several electrical outlets (3 or 4) during this operation. The outlets need to be on separate circuits. Access to the in side of the house will be needed at this time.

The steel or concrete pilings are pressed into the ground at each predetermined location and subsequent piling segments (with steel locking pins through the center of each concrete piling) are driven to the required depth and resistance.

A piling cap is them positioned on top of the last pile segment. Concrete blocks are then placed between the piling cap and the bottom of the foundation beam. We are now ready for the final phase.

The next step is the raising of the foundation. We raise the low parts of the foundation (in the areas where the pilings are installed) to as near their original elevations as possible.

Jacks are placed on top of the pilings. An experienced advanced technician directs the raising while carefully monitoring the reactions of the structure. When the raising is complete, steel spacers are inserted on concrete clocks to support the building.

After raising the foundation, the final step is cleanup. Each hole is refilled with soil and concrete breakthroughs are patched. Plants are then replanted and the yard, walks and drives are cleaned, raked, swept and washed. The entire process, from start to finish, usually takes from one to three days, excluding weekends and holidays.

If you have any questions, or need free estimates, please feel free to contact us!