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Texas Warranty Trust

Over the years, many foundation repair contractors have gone out of business, leaving their customers with worthless warranties.

To provide customers with a greater level of security, Advanced established the Texas Foundation Warranty Trust in 1993. The Texas Foundation Warranty Trust supports warranties issues by selected PANHANDLE FOUNDATION foundation repair contractors. The Trust only backs warranties issued by companies that have the highest standards of performance, the best quality control procedures, and the soundest finances. For companies' warranties to receive the support of the Trust, in addition to maintaining the highest standards, companies must contribute a portion of their revenues to the Trust. So long as any warranty obligations are outstanding, the assets of the Trust may not be used for any purposes other than providing for warranties and for the expenses of the Trust. As of June 30, 2008, the Trust had assets of over $800,000.00.

For more information on this warranty, please visit www.texasfoundationwarrantytrust.com.

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