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Chickens Have City of Amarillo Crying "Fowl"

by: Kristen Guilfoos

Amarillo, Texas - There's a new generation of farmers popping up all over the Texas Panhandle. They call themselves urban farmers, and say the city is standing in their way.

Just like your average farmer, David Rodriguez's day begins bright and early. "Cleaning cages, feeding animals, that type of thing."

Rodriguez, though, is anything but your average farmer. "Sustainability is the new frontier. If there were any kind of crisis in this country and something happened, we as a city should be able to provide for ourselves."

So, he's started his own urban farm... Taking up most of his 1/8 of an acre lot. Complete with raised beds... "I'm hoping to grow 15-hundred pounds of food."

Goats... "I get about a quart of milk from each one everyday."

And chickens. "I have 11 chickens total."

Since he lives inside the city limits, those chickens have the city crying fowl. Animal Control's Shannon Barlow says, "You can have 4 chickens per quarter acre."

Rodriguez has already been slapped with several fines for having chickens in his backyard... But says he's still standing strong for the cause.

"It's a shame that cookies are cheaper than apples. It needs to be back to the way it was, when healthy food was cheaper than junk food."

That thought process is catching on. Other urban farmers we spoke with says it's all about "reducing your carbon footprint." "You've got people who've decided to be green, rather than buy green."

Rodriguez says he's proud of his urban farm... And his efforts are nothing to balk at. He's pleading his case to the Amarillo City Commission on Tuesday... Hoping to get the chicken ordinance changed.

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